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Name: Ron Stern

Position: Right Wing

Shoots: Right

Height: 6-0

Weight: 195

Born: 1/11/67 in Ste. Agatha, Quebec

Drafted: 4th Round (70th overall) in 1986 by the Canucks

Salary: $1 million


Scouting Report:

The Finesse Game
Stern is a rugged, seek-and-destroy missile with modest skills. He is not a pretty skater or a good shooter, but he has the offensive instincts to make some smart plays in the attacking zone; his second effort often catches defenders napping. He has the quickness to get a jump on the defender, and looks for help from his linemates. He will drive to the cage and create his scoring chances off his physical involvement in front of the net. Stern is not mesmerized by the puck. He doesn't make a lot of pretty plays but instead looks to get rid of the puck quickly with a pass or a shot. He would be ideally suited as a checking winger but for his lack of skating ability. He also isn't as alert defensively as offensively, but he works hard at whatever task he's given.

The Physical Game
Stern makes his teammates feel a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier. He has no fear of anyone or any situation. He never bails out of a corner--no matter what's coming. He's willing and able to go toe-to-toe with anybody. If he plays on a checking line, he's defensively aware and finishes every check. He can play in the crunch to protect a lead. If he plays on a fourth line, he will act as the catalyst, coming out with a strong shift to lift his bench.

The Intangibles
Stern's mission is to get momentum on the Flames' side. He is an effective fourth-liner. He plays with a sense of purpose.

If he can upgrade his production to 15 goals or so, that will be a fine contribution, but 10 is likely his maximum.


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