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Here is a list of Sharks who are free agents this summer

Player Free Agent Group 1999-00 Salary
Todd Harvey Restricted $800,000
Alex Korolyuk Restricted $650,000
Patrick Marleau Restricted $925,000
Evgeni Nabakov Restricted $400,000
Owen Nolan Restricted $2.5 million
Marcus Ragnarsson Restricted $925,000
Steve Shields Restricted $700,000
Marco Sturm Restricted $875,000
Ron Sutter Unrestricted $350,000


If another team signs a restricted free agent to an offer sheet the original team has one week to match the offer or else the player is signed by the other team.  The original team then gets draft picks as compensation depending on how much money the player was offered.  For each million dollars a player is offered the original team gets a 1st round pick, with a maximum of 5 1st round picks.

If a team signs an unrestricted free agent the original team automatically loses that player, it can't match the offer.