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8/23/99: Jeff Ferguson is named Goalie of the Year and Jon Gustafson is named Executive of the Year by the RHI

8/13/99: Woolf to Retire from the RHI

8/4/99: Rhinos Defenseman Scott Drevitch is named RHI Player of the Week

8/1/99: Rhinos Clinch a Playoff Berth

7/30/99: Forward Rob Trumbley is suspended by the RHI

7/22/99: Rhinos Acquire Chris Nelson from Dallas

7/20/99: Rhinos Sign Bob Wilkie

7/20/99: Rhinos Release Igor Bondarev, Iannique Renaud and Ralph Barahona

7/14/99: Rhinos Release Mike Jickling

7/10/99: Rhinos Sign Alain Savage

7/9/99: Rhinos Release Kirk French

7/7/99: Rhinos Sign Craig Lyons

7/6/99: Guy Gadowsky, Jonathan Dubois and Dennis Purdie are suspended by the RHI