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RHI stands for Roller Hockey International

The league was established in 1993

Instead of playing from October to May like most ice hockey leagues, the RHI season lasts from June to late August

Most of the players are ice hockey players that want to be kept in shape during the off season, so they play roller hockey

Many of the players that make up the RHI are mostly from the AHL, ECHL or WCHL, but there are a few players from the NHL

During the playoffs teams compete for the Backstrom Cup (the Backstrom Cup was called the Murphy Cup from 1993-1997)

After the 97 season the league had to take a year off to reorganize its finances because most of the teams were going bankrupt

Since their hiatus league has shrunk from 12 teams down to 8 teams from 97 to 99 (half are expansion teams)

At its peak, there was 24 teams in the RHI

Instead of using a traditional playoff format, all teams that make the playoffs will play in a tournament at the end of August at the Pond in Anaheim

Instead of each team having an owner the league owns all the teams, similar to how the MLS is organized

Each season the league will be adding a few teams


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