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Name: Marcus Ragnarsson

Position: Defenseman

Shoots: Left

Height: 6-1

Weight: 220

Born: 8/13/71 in Ostervala, Sweden

Drafted: 5th Round (99th Overall) by the Sharks in 1992

Number: 10

Salary: $925,000


Scouting Report:

The Finesse Game
Ragnarsson has a lot of poise, hand skills and skating ability. He has very quick feet and moves the puck well. He makes a good first pass and also makes some good decisions at the blueline to get the puck through. He controls a lot of the breakout for San Jose and makes smart choices in the neutral zone. He was given a lot of responsibility on the power play, and while he is not in the elite class of quarterbacks, he has a decent, if not outstanding, point shot and isn't afraid to shoot. Ragnarsson will learn more from playing with newcomer Gary Suter, and the two will probably comprise the first unit on the points. Defensively, Ragnarsson still has some work to do. He uses his body positionally to take up space, but isn't much of a hitter. He will get the puck out in a hurry when he has time but is vulnerable to a strong forecheck.

The Physical Game
Ragnarsson is built solidly and will play a physical game, though finesse is his forte.

The Intangibles
Ragnarsson was more consistent after stumbling in his sophomore season.

Ragnarsson is still playing a bit tentatively. His offensive game has more upside and he should produce a 40-point season.


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