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Bryan Marchment is just a tough player.   Lots of people (especially Stars fans) whine and complain like little babies and say he is one of the cheapest, dirtiest players in the league and the only thing he can do is cheap shot people.  Yes, Marchment does look for the hit before he plays the puck but he does not cheap shot other players.  He can also do more than just hit.   He has a good shot, great defensive awareness, and will do anything for his team.  Bryan is just like most of the other Sharks veterans (Sutter, Stern, Lowry, Granato, etc.), he might not have all the offensive talent in the world but he tries as hard as anyone.  Marchment is how almost every player was about 30-40 years ago.  It was expected that players played as hard he does.  He plays a physical game, thats just the type of player he is.  The league needs more tough players that won't back down from anyone instead of a bunch of pansies that dive around all over the ice trying to buy penalties.  And if you don't like the way he plays you don't have to watch it.   Its as easy as that.


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