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Name: Vincent Damphousse

Position: Center

Shoots: Left

Height: 6-1

Weight: 190

Born: 12/17/67 in Montreal, Quebec

Drafted: 1st Round (6th Overall) by the Maple Leafs in 86 Draft

Number: 25

Salary: $3.3 million


1991 Western Conference All-Star Team
1991 All-Star Game MVP
1992 Western Conference All-Star Team
1993 Stanley Cup


Scouting Report:

The Finesse Game
Cool in tight, Damphousse has a marvellous backhand shot he can roof, and he creates opportunites low by shaking and faking checkers with his skating. He likes to set up from behind the net to make plays. Goalies need to be on the alert when he's on the attack, because he is unafraid to take shots from absurd angles just to get a shot on net and get the goalie and defense scrambling. It's an effective tactic. Damphousse shows poise with the puck. Although he is primarily a finisher, he will also dish off to a teammate if that is a better option. He's a superb player in four-on-four situations. He has sharp offensive instincts and is good in traffic. Damphousse won't leave any vapour trails with his skating in open ice, but he is quick around the net, especially with the puck. He has exceptional balance to hop through sticks and checks. In open ice, he uses his weight to shift and change direction, making it appear as if he's going faster than he is--and he can juke without losing the puck while looking for his passing and shooting options.

The Physical Game
Damphousse uses his body to protect the puck, but he is not much of a grinder and loses most of his one-on-one battles. He has to be supported with physical linemates (in short supply in Hab land) who will get him the puck. He'll expend a great deal of energy in the attacking zone, but little in his own end of the ice, though he is more diligent about this in crunch times. Damphousse is a well-conditioned athlete who can handle long shifts and lots of ice time. He is not shy about using his stick. He has a pretty high pain threshhold, staying in the lineup despite a concussion.

The Intangibles
Damphousse redeemed himself for his dismal spring in 1997 with a strong playoff performance last year. He also reversed his history of slow starts by scoring 14 goals by the All-Star break and four after, but the second half was when injuries struck both him and the team.

Damphousse needs help to get into the 80-point scoring range. It does not appear that he'll get it, which should mean a 60-point season.


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